Christmas Gifts from the Heart

Shopping for gifts galore--‘tis the season, right? There are Christmas gifts to find, Black Friday sales, holiday specials and holiday parties all crammed into a matter of a few weeks. Depending on your style, you may shop at the crack of dawn on Black Friday or score some deals on Cyber Monday. Maybe you give gifts that include some sort of trip or experience or maybe you go the sentimental gifts route. 

At the end of the day, you’re trying to say, “I love you. I care about you. You’re an important person in my life.” Sometimes it’s hard to find an item to say just that, but you try anyway. No gift can say it quite like you can. So express your love whenever possible. 

That love, your love, is the greatest gift you can give. The holidays are full of wonderful things, but love is the greatest gift of all. The gift that came in a humble manger on the very first Christmas was God’s gift of love to the world. Jesus came to show love and be love. It’s because of His love that we celebrate Christmas and in turn hope to show love to others. 

We all have people in our lives that we want to share something special with, just to show we care. In fact, that’s how Loving Heart Collection first started when the designer, Jean Cotten Schnaak, wanted to give her husband a gift from the heart as a symbol of the love they shared. 

This Christmas, whether you are near or far from your loved ones, keep it simple and true by just saying “I Love You” with heart jewelry and a verse card from a list of Christmas gifts for him and Christmas gifts for her. 

Maybe this is the year you give him your heart or remind him he already has it by giving The Pocket Heart in gold or silver. Perhaps you want to whisper your love and remind her she is always on your mind and in your heart with a classic Loving Heart Necklace in gold, in silver or with a Diamond solitaire necklace. Gifts include a verse card you can choose or customize, and the jewelry can be gift wrapped and shipped directly. 

So this Christmas, consider the love surrounding you. Think about those you love and those who love you. If you get to spend time together this Christmas, hug them close. If you’re far away, find a way to express your love until you see them again. Embrace love and make sure to tell others how much you care about them.

Merry Christmas!

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