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Small flower vases are like blank canvases just waiting for a colorful flower bouquet of your own creation. A single bloom and greenery in a vase placed at the bedside or  bathroom vanity will send a welcoming message to your house guests.  A dainty vase of a single bloom or tiny flowers is a sweet addition to a desk top and any cozy spot in a home. A vase is a lovely gift for a hostess and bridesmaids.  With personalization it becomes a keepsake for an expectant mom and newborn. It's natural for mothers to introduce their young children to the outdoors.  There they will discover fuzzy dandelions, wild tiny strawberries and violets. Encourage little ones to present mom with a few treasures from the backyard - tiny flowers, grasses and twigs. Imagine the joy on a child's face to see that Mom has displayed these petalled treasures so beautifully. Tiny glass vases compliment any home as they await a tiny bouquet.