It would be my pleasure to help you express your love. - JC Schnaak


Excellent service, keep up the personal touch.  - Crystal Higa

I shop on line more often than in a store and I'm so touched with your response. It's very rare that a company takes the time to personalize a return message. I really appreciate your wishes and blessings. All my best to you and yours. My Sincerest Thanks.  - Kim Parnofiello

The pin is beautiful and it is going to be a Christmas Day gift for my husband.  I can assure you that he will love it. Not only is he a sentimental man but he also works in the health profession.  He is a social worker and now works for CancerCare in NYC.  The roe petals were a lovely touch! You certainly put a lot of love in your work. Thank you again. - Joan GS, New York

I just wanted to tell you that I had a customer looking for something very special.  Her mother is dying, and she wanted something that each one could wear to keep them connected, some sort of visual symbol of their love.  She ended up buying two of your gold Loving Heart necklaces.  She left the store very satisfied or even fulfilled.  You see what a special niche your Loving Heart pieces have?  The sentiment she chose was "Whether we are near or far, we'll always be heart to heart." I hope that makes you feel good, Jean. Lots of love.  - Jan Spear, Tennessee

The Loving Heart Pin arrived here on Friday. I was so excited. knowing that has traveled half of this world. Today I had the opportunity to offer it and it was a great moment, thanks to you. I am grateful to you for this beautiful idea you had once... The gift was exactly as I expected....a delicate jewelry, powerful at the same time, full of meaning, and so simple. Thank you and a warm embrace.  - Raluca Moisan, Bucharest, Romania

Your customer service is wonderful! - Karen Sanchez

Hi.  I am from England  and I have purchased 2 of the original Loving Heart Pins.  They seem to be unique and discreet.  I am waiting for them to arrive; in fact i cannot wait until they arrive, then i can give one to a very special person and the other is for me.  Addendum - They have arrived and I am very impressed with the whole process and certainly the delivery time was excellent. The heart pins are actually much nicer than I anticipated.  Thank you. Kind Regards,  - Yvonne, England

Just for fun I was looking at your website again and I saw that your pocket heart was selected as a 2006 Great Father's Day Gift by the Jewelers Information Center!  Congratulations! The person I gave your first pocket heart to absolutely adores its design and how it feels in her hand and fingers when she plays with it.  I am so happy that it appears that it has been a successful addition to your collection. All my best. -  Warren Smith 

Hi Jean, My order was received yesterday.  Thank you so very much.  I greatly appreciate your promptness and customer service. Have a very Merry Christmas!  -  Shelby Bowers, Tennessee

Thank you Loving Heart Collection.  Your pocket hearts are the best!  I gave a pocket heart to someone back in 2009 and still today, though it didn't work out, he carries it with him as a reminder of what unconditional love can be.  I am ordering again today for I have found a new someone special that travels internationally.  I too wanted him to have that special piece of me to remind him how much he is loved.  The pocket heart does that so beautifully.  Thank you for your prompt responses to my time sensitive order and shipping.  You simply are focused on customer service to provide the best possible experience.  I will tell everyone I meet just how wonderful your products are and of the great service you provide. Please continue.  - Connie B., San Diego, CA

I wanted to thank you for taking such great care of me, my request and sending the replacement Loving Heart Pin for my husband.  Your beautiful package arrived a few days ago and I got your lovely card.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this, the presentation and the care you put into your product line and the extra mile you go when sending your orders out.  The passion you have for your company is evident in your actions.  The level of customer service you provide is certainly rare today but goes unforgotten.   I look forward to doing business with you again and will not hesitate to recommend your company to those I know. Thanks again!  Best  - Amanda Fallon, Virginia

Thanks Jean. You make a great shopping experience with your personal touch. Thanks.  - John, USA

Hi Jean. Yes, you have my permission to use our comments.. I certainly understand how it is to see something online and not know exactly how it will be. We are from the generation where there is a certain hesitant feeling about things online... but I have to say yours was wonderful. How many places have their e-mail go directly to the owner of the business !! That was my shock and for you to call personally ! That was GREAT! Thanks again Jean. - Carmen Walburg

I received the Loving Heart Pin today and I love it! Thank you! I heard about your product from my sister-in-law, Rachel Powell. We even watched your segment on QVC. That must have been very exciting!  My husband is doing a lot of traveling these days, and I thought this would make the perfect anniversary gift.  Thank you again and good luck! - Karen FullerWe would like to express our gratitude for your thoughtful donation to the Suffield Academy Parents' Association Auction. Your generosity contributed to the overwhelming success of this fundraising event. Gifts like yours played a key role in raising funds to support Suffield athletics. Thank you for your lovely donation of Loving Heart 14K gold pins. - Sincerely Melinda Fuller and Mary Fuller,Auction 2004 Co-chairs - Suffield Academy, Connecticut

Hi Jean, I received my package this morning and it is just beautiful! Thank you so much.   - Robin L., Minnesota