Designer's Note

Welcome to the e-boutique!

My name is Jean Schnaak, jewelry designer and creator of The Loving Heart Collection - heartfelt tokens of love.  Simple by design, Loving Hearts are a powerful representation of love, caring and encouragement when shared with others.   

My journey as jewelry designer began in 1994. I was searching for a tiny heart pin for my husband to wear inside his pilot's jacket over his heart - as a symbol of my heart next to his.  Unable to locate a suitable tiny heart pin, I fashioned the original Loving Heart Pin from a tiny silver heart earring. 

On Valentines Day, I gave this token of love to my husband with a little note that read: Whether you are near or far, we'll always be heart to heart.   I suggested he secure it inside the pocket of his airline captain's jacket over his heart as a discreet reminder of our steadfast love.  He loved it.  After many years and miles, Neil still keeps my heart next to his. 

Taking notice of fewer people wearing jackets daily in the workplace, I created what has now become my most popular gift for men and women, the Pocket Heart.  

For over twenty-four years I've been committed to providing simple yet elegant gifts for both men and women, to enable people to express their love for others around the globe.

Let me know if I can help you express your love today! - Jean Schnaak