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Pocket Heart - Solid Sterling Silver

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The Pocket Heart is a token of love.  Give it as a symbol of love, caring and encouragement to someone special.   Its weight and size is approximately that of three nickels stacked, easily distinquisheable from coins in the pocket. 

  • Solid .925 sterling silver pocket heart
  • ¾ inch x ¾ inch x ¼ inch thick
  • "The Pocket Heart - Carry it with you as a symbol of the love you share with another." - tiny note inside verse card.
  • Verse card, gift box & hand-tied ribbon
  • Made in USA

Each gift of fine jewelry designed by Jean Schnaak is accompanied by your choice of elegant verse card. 

Each gift of fine jewelry is accompanied by your choice of verse card, purple gift box and hand-tied ivory ribbon. A message and signature may be written inside the verse card.

If this gift is being shipped directly to the recipient,  we welcome the opportunity to handwrite your message and name on the inside of the card on your behalf.

My journey as jewelry designer began in 1994. For Valentines Day I wanted to present my husband with a heart pin to wear inside his uniform jacket over his heart as a symbol of my heart next to his.

Unable to locate a suitable heart pin, I fashioned the original Loving Heart Pin from a tiny silver heart earring. 

On Valentines Day, I gifted this token of my love to my husband with a little note that read: Whether you are near or far, we'll always be heart to heart.   I suggested he secure it inside the pocket of his airline captain's jacket over his heart as a discreet reminder of our steadfast love.  He loved it.  After many years and miles, Neil still keeps my heart next to his.  - Jean 

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