The Best Mother's Day Gift

t’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Somehow it always seems to sneak up on me though. At the last minute I’m scrambling to get something to show my mom I care. I want to give her a Mother’s Day gift that says it all. 

What do you get the woman you raised you? How do you say thanks for the countless times she loved you anyway, even when you were at odds with each other? What do you give the one who taught you right from wrong and kissed your skinned knees after you fell down? How do you repay the sacrifices she made to give you her best?

It’s impossible. There’s no item in the world that can fully articulate everything she’s done or how much love you have. You’ll simply have to say it yourself. So, tell her why you love her and what her love and support has meant to you. 

We fully believe in telling people you love them. That’s why everything we make comes with a verse card sharing some sentiment. You can choose from a few options or handwrite something yourself. Because we know that the necklace for Mom, the Loving Heart pin for Grandma or a bracelet for a stepmom or other maternal figure is so much more than just another piece of jewelry. It’s a symbol for your love. It’s the wearable reminder that they are in your heart, whether you live near or far. 

So take Mother’s Day as an opportunity to share that love with your mom. Of course, sending Mother’s day gifts or flowers and a card is a great idea, but more importantly, make sure to tell her what she means to you. Whether it’s over brunch or over the phone, tell your mom you love her.


Loving Heart Contributing Writer - Samantha Gratton lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and loves sharing life stories, traveling and eating a daily dose of chocolate. She is a writer, thinker and dreamer, and her heart belongs to her husband, Scott. 

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