Valentine’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Gifts that say "I love you" everyday.  

The Loving Heart Collection by Jean Schnaak is a line of fine jewelry heart keepsakes created to help you express your love to another in a discreet and authentic way.  These fine jewelry "tokens of love" are intended to give your loved one that special feeling of love whenever he, she or they sees it.

Traditionally the symbol of love has been in the form of a heart.  When designing her jewelry, Jean began with a heart shape which evolved into the current Loving Heart design that symbolizes the hearts of two people - heart to heart.  

Learn how a Valentines Day gift from the Loving Heart Collection could be just what you're looking for to make this Valentine’s day the most memorable ever.

Valentine's Day Presents from the Heart

The Pocket Heart

It’s like it was designed for Valentine’s Day!  The Pocket Heart was specifically designed by Jean Schnaak as a prominent design in the Loving Heart Collection - to be an enduring symbol of love.  The  Pocket Heart serves as a connection between you and your special someone.  It can be carried with a person each day inside a pocket (or purse).  It is a great way to give your loved one a symbol of love and enduring affection that they can keep with them always and remember who loves them the most. 

Pocket Hearts are also great gifts for military, soldiers deployed or any loved one who is going to be away for long periods.  Give them a gift that will continue showing your love and support no matter where they are in the world.


The Loving Heart Pins for Two

You want to get your boyfriend or girlfriend something that is special but not completely over the top. We understand and that is why within the Loving Heart Collection are the Loving Heart Pins for Two.  Let them know you love them without screaming it through a bullhorn!  Loving Heart Pins can be worn discreetly inside a jacket over one's heart or displayed on the exterior of your clothing, hat, handbag or briefcase.  What makes this pin so special is that it represents the love between you and your loved one over time or as a reminder of one special moment (such as when you both said "YES!").  It is a Valentine’s Day Present designed to make memories and suspend special moments in time.

The Loving Heart Verse Card

What can make a gift more special than its monetary value, its sentiment. Each gift from the Loving Heart Collection is accompanied by your choice of a verse card. Choose from the verses offered or compose your own custom verse. The verse card given along with a Loving Heart fine jewelry keepsake provide you with a unique means of expressing your sentiment.  Verse cards are meant to highlight your love, but they also give your loved one a keepsake to save in time.  these gifts are mini-love letters.  Gifts from the Loving Heart Collection by Jean Schnaak will show the one you love, that you put some time into choosing a thoughtful gift just for them. 

 Make this Valentine Heartfelt with Loving Heart Gifts

Say I love you with a Loving Heart gift.  When you give one of our fine jewelry Pocket Hearts or Loving Heart Pins for Two you will be choosing a gift that hold its value over a lifetime. For your special someone, presenting them with a lasting gift with intrinsic value is thoughtful and of course  a highly valued gift.  Say I love you with a gift that creates a lasting memory of the Valentine’s Day they received it .  Make your special someone happy this Valentines Day with a gift that says "I Love You" - everyday.   - Loving Heart

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