Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

It's rare to find a eloquent and meaningful gift for a man.

I discovered just how rare back in 1994 when I was trying to think of a Valentine's Day gift for my husband. I had given him shirts, ties, books, steaks and a Weber Grill, sports equipment, even silk boxers; however 1994 had been an unusual year. I wanted to give him something "more" - something that would trigger a feeling of what we meant to each other throughout each day, something he could carry with him. As he was an airline pilot, this was important to me.

I had the idea to give him a simple heart pin to be worn inside his airline jacket over his heart. I thought that inside his jacket, a little heart pin could serve as a very private reminder of home and the love we shared. Hidden inside his jacket my  token of love would not be a breach of the company's official dress code.

I searched jewelry stores as well as the men's section of several department stores  for a tiny, simple yet elegant heart pin. I was very surprised that couldn't find what I was looking for. The sales clerks indicated they had never heard of a man wearing an item of sentiment inside their jacket over their heart. They suggested that I had a unique gift idea for men and a very good idea at that. Determined to follow through with my idea I fashioned a tiny heart pin on my own and gave it to my husband on Valentine's Day with a verse I had written that read Whether you are near or far we’ll always be heart to heart.

Since that Valentine’s Day in 1994, he has worn a symbol of my heart in that tiny sterling silver heart pin, over his heart in either his airline captain's jacket or his favorite leather jacket.

Surprised by my husband’s frequent comments about feeling the power of our love each time he glimpsed the tiny symbol of my heart next to his, my entrepreneurial spirit soared. Naturally my first effort was to design what is now known as the Loving Heart Pin for men for to wear inside their coat or jacket over their heart.  The Loving Heart Pin became popular with people who learned about it.  Even QVC selected the Loving Heart Pin as a new product in 2005 in their search for entrepreneurs with a unique product or gift idea.

After several years and as workplace clothing trends changed, a new gift idea for men emerged.   Although my husband worn a jacket each day it was my customers that prompted me to create what has become the most popular of all my sentimental gifts for men. They convinced me that with the increasingly casual dress in the workplace that many men don't wear jackets on a regular basis.  But one thing I knew, they seem to wear pants almost everywhere they go. With that in mind, I designed the Pocket Heart so that men could carry this symbol of love with them everywhere.

If the Pocket Heart appeals to you as a Valentine's Day gifts for men, bear in mind, it's likely that every time he puts his hand in his pocket he'll think of you!  

The Pocket Heart has a nice weight to it as it rests in a man's hand.  It's fine jewelry created in solid 10K gold or solid .925 sterling silver, designed and made in the U.S.A. 

It's over twenty-four years since I discovered how limited the marketplace was for deeply meaningful Valentines Day gifts for men - gifts that convey to the men in our lives how much we love and cherish them.

Another item popular gift for men to carry with them each day, especially for the guy who's style is to travel light, is a key chain accessory, I call it the Versatile Heart Charm. It easily attaches to a set of keys.

I continue to be passionate about creating The Loving Heart Collection by Jean Schnaak® jewelry line with the mission of giving gift-seekers more choices for expressing their love to others - especially men.

I always say, "Go ahead, tell him you're c-r-a-z-y about him! Not just on Valentine's Day but everyday."

Here's wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day!

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