Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Give the Gift of "Planning" for a Special Valentine's Day

A person can get another relationship, but not another "each other". It's just a few days until the annual celebration of romance is before us. Will you choose to approach this Valentine's Day intentionally?

Will you see the day as an opportunity to show your Valentine that they are your priority? Will you choose to spend just a little time to make this Valentine's Day not necessarily extraordinary, just not ordinary?

Grand gestures won't carve your name on their heart nearly as much as your tenderness and thoughtfulness will. From my own experience, wooing starts best in the bloom of the day, followed by one or two surprise gifts of whispers-of-love as Valentine's Day fully blossoms. As you plan the day, imagine how you'd like Valentine's Day and the night to unfold.
Perhaps as Valentine's Day dawns you'll plan to softly sweep the hair from your lover's face followed by presenting the perfect cup of morning coffee, the day's local paper and sharing the promise of a memorable Valentine's Day.
How would your Valentine respond to a mid-day phone call or text message implying that you can't wait until evening comes and you are together?
Evening plans can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose.   Without a lot of fuss, you could invite your Valentine to a cozy fireside dinner or a "carpet picnic" in your living room. Prepare your own specialty, or opt for takeout at your local market and tell "Deli-guy" that it's your night to cook!
Will the dress code for your soiree be evening gown and "tails" or provocative PJ's? Will you consider a love song and slow dance in the foyer the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea for heating up your Valentine's evening?  Can you see yourself surrounding the tub with candles and create a fragrant bubble bath for two?  Are you thinking rose petals?  Maybe a soothing massage is more your style.

I offer these Valentine's Day gift ideas just to ignite your own imagination and inspire ideas of your own.   Most importantly on this special day, face it, can you afford NOT to woo the one you love?

If you are considering a Valentine's Day gift idea for him or her that will express your love not only on Valentine's Day but everyday, consider the Pocket Heart , Loving Heart Pin and Heart Key Chain Accessory for men and Loving Hearts Valentine's Day gift ideas for women. Our hearts express your love.

My passion, my company and my line of jewelry are about helping people express their love to the special people in their life.

This Valentine's Day will you treat your Valentine like "the one of a kind" they really are? 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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