How to Make Your Wedding Day a Rememberable Occasion for Your Wedding Party

When many people consider how they will make their wedding special, this thinking often lends itself to different ideas about how to make the wedding unique.  This is happening with greater frequency as fewer weddings are taking place in a traditional wedding location such as a place of worship and more often people today are creating more bohemian style and other nontraditional weddings and nontraditional wedding locations.  While there is value in this choice and it is a personal decision for a wedding, the focus on the wedding style often overlooks the intrinsic value of the wedding for its attendees.

Having an unconventional wedding can make it fun, but will it resonate in a manner that makes it rememberable for everyone?  This is especially true for members of the wedding party who are in charge of many duties to make the wedding perfect. Serving as a bridesmaid, maid of honor, usher or best man can be stressful. Even the father of the bride must has the pivotal role of escorting his daughter down the aisle and answering the one of the three monumental questions of the ceremony, Who gives this woman to be married to this man?   While all of these individuals share in the love and joy that the wedding is bringing to you, rather than just saying thank you when the wedding is over, show them your love and provide them with a symbol of your love to take home with them.

Gifts for Bridesmaids

They are your best friends, family, and dearest loved ones.  They have gone to great lengths to provide you with the support you need to make your wedding perfect.  Show them you love them with a gift that is meaningful, and they will cherish. The gift does not have to be extravagant, but it should have special meaning, such as a necklace that can be worn every day. The gift you give should be something that will remind them of the relationship you share, your wedding, and how happy they were at that time.

Gifts for Bridesmaids

Gifts for the Father of the Bride

As emotional as your wedding is for you it is also a heart filled, bittersweet occasion for your father. He has watched over you and cared for you your entire life. On your wedding day, his "little girl" is becoming a wife and entering into a new era of her life.    While he is still and always will be your father, the relationship is taking on a new dimension. No longer simply his daughter, you are entering matrimony assuming the responsibilities of a wife and perhaps mother. Show your father appreciation and  love with a sentimental gift that honors him and reminds him of the unique bond you will always share.  

Gifts for the Groomsmen

The forgotten groomsmen.  Sometimes called ushers, groomsmen are often overlooked in many areas of the wedding, but these guys are likely your husband and your close friends or family that have put their time and energy into facilitating the wedding.  Show the groomsmen you haven’t forgotten them with a unique gift that they can cherish. 

  Gifts For Groomsmen

You don’t have to turn your wedding into a party for it to be special.  It is the little things that a conscientious and benevolent bride does for her wedding party that counts the most.

While throwing a unique or offbeat wedding might make it fun for the guests- it will be the love you give to your wedding party that will make it truly memorable for those closest to you now and into the future. 


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