Sentimental Gift for The Father of the Bride

A bride can't help but remember the first man she ever loved on her wedding day.  

Flooded with sweet memories of his clean shaven face and strong arms, why not go ahead and put it all out there on your wedding day.  Brides, make sure Dad knows that you loved him first and that the two of you will always share a unique bond unlike that of any other.  I say, make that man cry on your wedding day, both your day and his will be all the sweeter.  

Remember Steve Martin's character, George Banks, in the movie Father of the Bride? After all the months of planning (and paying) for his daughter's wedding, he simply yearned for a private moment with his daughter, Annie, on the day of her wedding.  I suspect most dad's feel the same.

With all the excitement surrounding the bride and groom, my bet is that mixed with the pride and joy, Dad is acutely aware of the passage of time and is feeling a little down.  I say, don't let your dad be your "something blue" on your wedding day, instead, a perk things up a little for the father of the bride.

I've had a lot of fun through the years helping brides create a cherished moment with their father on day of the wedding.

A scenario that I suggest to brides to help them create a cherished moment with their father involves one of my jewelry designs, the Loving Heart Pin. It's a tiny heart created to help people express love to someone special in their life. Most brides plan ahead to get dad to a quiet place where she has him all to herself as the wedding guests are being seated.

Of course, whether it's on the day of the wedding or the day before, each bride will instinctively know when the moment is right to share a special moment with her dad.  

The love felt during the exchange of this tiny representation of two hearts sharing a special bond will last a lifetime.

I encourage brides to have their photographer discreetly positioned to preserve this cherished moment forever.

 The Loving Heart Pin for the father of the bride is available in sterling silver and14k white and yellow gold.

A bride may also choose to further personalize a Loving Heart Pin with her birthstone and create her own verse to accompany her gift to her father.

Most brides select my most popular verse card: "On this special day, one we will never forget, just remember I'll always love you"© and then they write a message inside the verse card. 

This verse card  is available in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish. Prices vary based on precious metal and stones selected.

Brides, enjoy your special day, create memories that will last a lifetime but  please, don't forget the first man you ever loved on your wedding day.  Make him cry happy tears.

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