A Cherished Moment for the Father of the Bride

Remember Steve Martin portraying George Banks in the movie - Father of the BrideAfter all the months of planning (and paying) for his daughter's wedding, when the day finally arrived, he simply yearned for a private moment with his daughter, Annie.  I suspect most dads feel the same.

Women never forget the first man they truly loved, their dad - especially not a bride on her wedding day. Flooded with sweet memories of his clean shaven face and strong arms and the warmth of his smile, he's simply - unforgettable.  

The Loving Heart Pin is the quintessential sentimental gift for the father of the bride. Since 1994, it's been a privilege to help brides create a cherished wedding day moment with their father - a moment during which she can truly convey to him that he holds a special place in her heart and always will. 

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To set up the perfect gift-giving scenario, most brides orchestrate a private moment when she will have Dad all to herself. It's usually as the guests are being seated.  Wise to what is about to take place, the wedding photographer has discreetly positioned himself to capture the tenderness of the moment forever.

Most brides present the Loving Heart Pin with a card with the verse:

On this special day,
One we will never forget,
Just remember
I'll always love you.©

Inside the verse card, she has handwritten a message of love, appreciation and gratitude. In those precious minutes before the ceremony is to take place, with Dad all to herself, the bride presents Dad with a tiny purple box adorned with a beautifully hand-tied ivory ribbon.  Wide-eyed Dad opens the box and reads the verse and his daughter's message.  The bride knows where she wants to place this tiny symbol of her heart... she secures the tiny symbol of her heart, inside his jacket over his heart. They both know that HE was the first man she ever loved and always will be.
Misty-eyed they begin their journey down the aisle...  

After the wedding day whether the father of the bride wears it inside his favorite knock around jacket, uniform or business suit, you can be sure that he will be reminded of his daughter's love for him and the special bond they share.

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Photography by: Michael Goldberg

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