Thinking of Others on Your Wedding Day

Benevolent brides keep their guests and wedding party at the forefront of their thoughts. This can be difficult due to the many details that are necessitated by a wedding plan.  Here are some basic ways to maintain your benevolence and consideration of others:

  • Keep costs in mind. Try not to over extend the wedding party and guests' bank accounts in their eagerness to be at your wedding and out of loyalty to you. Sure, having a wedding on the side of remote mountain in Nepal might seem awesome to you, but consider the cost of the people who will need to attend.
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Your wedding party and family are working hard to make this day special for you so be appreciative (Perhaps a gift!)
  • Expect the unexpected. Brides, it is a difficult idea to accept, but something minor is going to go wrong on your wedding day. If you accept this, you will save yourself a lot of stress and be more likely to achieve a mindful state on your wedding day.  Inside you'll be reassured that for each unexpected event, there is a solution. Decide in advance that you will simply let it go.
  • Be reasonable. If you allow yourself to be stressed and frustrated over every little thing then your wedding will not convey the joy that it is intended to provide. If you are reasonable with situations and maintain your benevolence, your wedding party will see this and work hard to fulfilll your wedding dreams.

Be Considerate

The benevolent bride is above all else a considerate bride.  She takes into account many things that could cause frustration for her guests and wedding party. These considerations will absolutely make your wedding less stressful for you and everyone else.

  • Be considerate of your bridesmaids. Try not pick overly elaborate or difficult hairstyles.  If you choose an elaborate style make sure you have a stylist that the bridesmaids can get assistance from and can afford.
  • Try to plan your bridesmaids’ dresses with the bridesmaids rather than just choosing everything for them. The ladies will be more comfortable and find more value in the planning process if they are actually part of it.

  • Try to make the wedding planning and the day of the wedding fun. Weddings can be hectic but there is a lot of drama that can be eliminated through planning and maintaining a positive state of mind.
  • Be considerate of your guests. Eliminate the possibilities of people getting lost, not knowing where to park, and other basic logistical concerns by communicating everything in emails, invitations and by phone if necessary!  
  • Be considerate of the groomsmen. Maybe you know some of them really well and other less, but like the bridesmaids they have come to support you and your groom as you are wed. Tell them how much it means to you that they are part of your wedding and all the events surrounding the wedding. Make sure they are are taken care of and understand their parts in the wedding plan. 

  • Make sure that you mother is part of the wedding process and not feeling left out or ignored. Mom’s often try to help and sometimes may feel that they are like a third wheel. Don’t leave her feeling left out. Consider presenting her with a gift of appreciation for all she has done to prepare for your wedding day.


    • Lastly there is your dad, the first man you ever loved.   For the father of the bride weddings are bittersweet.  Take time to tell him how much he has meant to you throughout your life and and how grateful you are for having him as your dad. 


    The most important consideration for a benevolent bride is simply to maintain her appreciation for everyone who has attended and helped create her wedding.  By keeping people in mind, she is more likely to act and behave in a manner that engenders kindness and love from those around her. Isn’t that what the wedding day is all about- sharing in the love that two people celebrate?

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