For a Love That Goes the Distance...

Distance is difficult. If it wasn’t, marathon runners wouldn’t have to train for months before a race. You wouldn’t be tired after a long car ride, and a string of flights across the country would seem like a breeze. Working tirelessly at a long-term goal wouldn’t be such a challenge.

But we all know that these things are tiring, even exhausting at times and they require patience. However, the feeling you get when you reach your destination, whatever that destination might be, is so satisfying. Once you reach the destination and experience that feeling of accomplishment, you often look back on the journey and realize that it wasn’t so bad after all!

Love, like anything else, is a journey. It never looks the same at the beginning of the story, because love involves two ever-changing people who are each on their own journeys, races and paths of life.  What is amazing about love, is that despite these two separate paths each person might take, love is the bond that bridges the distance between them.

Distance in a relationship can be figurative or literal, and both have their hardships in different ways. When lovers are close, and showing affection comes easily, purchasing a gift feels almost like second nature. When you can spend time with your significant other face-to-face, holding hands and embracing isn’t just easy – it’s addicting.

But what about when paths begin to diverge? A boyfriend becomes distant. A husband is deployed overseas. A partner abandons their job for a new career, unsure of what the future will hold? When distance intervenes and life becomes difficult, logic tends to take over and time for acknowledging love for one another is less abundant. It might take a little extra effort to show your love to your sweetheart, and you may not even know how.

While gifts are nice, it’s the thought that counts. Especially during the holiday season, a gift from the heart will mean more to your loved one than anything, even if that gift isn’t the biggest, brightest, shiniest or trendiest object. In fact, a gift with great meaning can be as small as a pin!

Heart pins from the Loving Heart Collection may be small, but the love that they convey is mighty. I created the very first Loving Heart pin as a symbol of my love for my husband, so he could keep a symbol of my heart close to his heart even when he journeyed thousands of miles and several days away from me as an airline pilot. Ever since that first heart pin was crafted, numerous women have gifted the men in their lives with a precious heart treasure and have bridged that chasm of distance, however far it may be, with their strong, unconditional love. A Loving Heart Pin simply gives what we feel a tangible way to be conveyed.

Emily from North Carolina wanted to give her husband a meaningful gift as he prepared for deployment to Iraq. She was able to create a unique verse just for her husband, available with every Loving Heart pin, and give him a piece of her heart that he can forever keep. “I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful product, prompt delivery, and friendly service. It was refreshing to have the handwritten note. My husband is a Marine and deploying for Iraq in September, I thought this was the perfect gift. I cannot wait to give it to him! You really have a great idea and an ideal product, I will be passing your information on to others who are looking for that something special”

I have heard from many of my customer's how they felt that giving a pin from the Loving Heart Collection helped their love cross great distances to remind someone special of the love they have for one another.  Did you know that gifts from Loving Heart Collection can be shipped anywhere in the world? With the help of my shipping partner, International Checkout international orders and shipping great distances has been made easy. 

A Loving Heart Pin is a great Christmas gift for a man because no matter the distance, you will be able to convey "My heart is wherever you are" to the one you love.  All of my designs are created by the lost wax casting method in America and are available exclusively through my e-boutique. I'm happy to help you give a Loving Heart pin to the man in your life as a gift for Christmas, a special occasion or just because you love him. You can choose one of my verses or create your own.  Together, we will create a personalized gift that will please your man!

Ralua from Bucharest, Romania was able to order a pin  from halfway around the world! “The Loving Heart Pin arrived here on Friday. I was so excited knowing that has traveled half of this world. Today I had the opportunity to offer it and it was a great moment, thanks to you. I am grateful to you for this beautiful idea you had once. The gift was exactly as I expected, a delicate piece of jewelry, powerful at the same time, full of meaning, and so simple.”

This holiday season, reconnect with the man in your life. If there is a distance to bridge, be the first to reach out – and a Loving Heart Pin just might be the perfect catalyst for reigniting the spark and keeping the love alive. Whether near or far, you will always be heart-to-heart.

From the heart - Jean

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