Making Snow Cream and Memories

SNOW is predicted today! Lots of snow.  In the South, that is anything over three inches!

Mother always delighted my daddy, brothers and me by making snow cream. It has been a fun tradition in our family as long as I can remember, which is at back as far as the Sixties! Here's the recipe we used then and now. Maybe you have another variation - if so do share!

Large bowl of clean fresh snow
1 can evaporated milk (Pet)
1tsp vanilla extract
Table sugar to taste
Bowls and spoons

Combine ingredients to the consistency of ice cream and serve!

The other recipe is to simply combine 1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk with large bowl of fresh snow. You can add a little whole or 2% milk to thin the mixture.  

Hint: After it has snowed for about an hour, enough to clear the pollution from the air, and while it continued to snow we place a large metal bowl outside to capture the primary ingredient - new fallen snow!
Enjoy making snow cream and heart-warming memories! - Jean

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