Who's Your Daddy?

Who IS your daddy?   If possible, find out this Father's Day.

After showering him with accolades and of course some of his favorite foods, turn the conversation to him....and his life.

Ask dad to talk a little bit about himself.

You might be thinking, "How's he going to respond?"

Initially he may down-play your request. If so, say "I'm not kidding. I want to know more about you."  His reaction to your heartfelt request may surprise you both.

Expect him to say, "What do you want to know?"

Tell him you want to hear about the people and events across the years that have shaped and influenced his life. 

You might start off with the following...

  • what was a favorite time in your life?
  • who were some people that influenced your decisions in life?  ( teacher, coach, scoutmaster, school mate, colleague)
  • what was one particular experience that taught you something about yourself
  • what are a few of your favorite books? Why are they favorites?
  • of all your travels and vacation's which would you like to repeat? why?
  • what about your career have you treasured most?
  • what hobbies have you enjoyed?  what is your current hobby/sport?
  • what makes you tick, (i.e. makes you feel connected with yourself?)
  • when you have time alone, where do your thoughts take you?
  • are you spiritual? how would you describe your faith?
  • is there a favorite musician, song that you enjoy?
  • who in your life provided you with the most encouragement?
  • who has been a person of great inspiration?
  • how did you come to believe in yourself? 
  • what's your bucket list?

Take your time.

This Father's Day the greatest gift you can give your dad is your love.

The best gift you can give yourself is to get to know him better. Simply ask "Who's my daddy?" and see what happens. 

Wishing you a heart to heart joyous time with your dad this Father's Day!   - Jean

Of course, the best gift is your love.  This Father’s Day if you are inclined to give your dad or a father figure in your life a tangible Father’s Day gift, one that he will carry with him as a reminder everyday of the special bond you share, consider the Loving Heart Pin or Pocket Heart.


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