Love Notes from Vancouver, BC

What is there to like about Vancouver, BC?   Just about everything!  If you've never been to Vancouver, BC... go there.

Harbor Air Tour of Vancouver

For starters Vancouver exudes order through thoughtful city planning - it's amazingly bike and pedestrian friendly.  Secondly the people warmly engage with out-of-towners. Or could it be they were amazed that we had traveled from tropical Hawaii to chilly Vancouver?

Vancouver by air

Visually, Vancouver is stunning - surrounded by the calm sapphire blue waters of Burrard Inlet and nestled at the base of the snow-capped North Shore Mountains.  

Many responsible dog owners roamed around town at the end of their bestie-hound's leash; but for sure, it appears that Vancouverites highly regard the appearance of their city, evidenced by pristine streets and parks.

Our first meal in Vancouver set the tone for all the meals to follow - pork belly, spring onion, scallop on butternut puree - awesome farm to table experience.

Pork belly, spring onion, scallop on butternut puree - awesome farm to table lunch

There is a vibrancy about this city that I love, so much so that I decided to tag the things I loved at Granville Island market with my own pocket heart in either my hand or my husband's.   So I share with you love notes from Vancouver, BC. 

Granville Island Vancouver

I didn't know what to expect but I was not disappointed!  I found exciting entrepreneurs whose efforts and passion I admired, starting with flowers fresh and arranged in lovely bouquets.

Paper Whites have long been part of my holiday plantings and easily make the list of things I love -  and are a true sign of cool weather and the Christmas season. 

Paper Whites and Pocket Heart

The Market at Granville Island Vancouver

  Baked goods - sure to please.

Pork belly and beautifully displayed grass fed meats were in abundance at the market.

This fish market was particularly fascinating and that's saying a mouth full! 

Fresh catch

There's something eye-catching about berries...   add a bowl, a splash of heavy cream, a dash of cinnamon and a morning's second cup of coffee and I'm all set for the day!

Raspberries on display at Granville Island Market in Vancouver

Reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot's voice, Shawn Bullshields' mellow ballads resonated well with coffee sipping crowd at the Granville Island dock.

Shawn Bullshields' mellow voice entertained the crowds at the dock's edge.

 Do I have to go home??? 

Love note to self...Vancouver is just FABULOUS.  I could live there!  

From the heart - Jean

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