Heart Earrings - What secrets do they hold?

Heart earrings are worn by women of all ages and backgrounds, from infants to grandmothers.

Celebrities are often photographed wearing heart jewelry, the "Royals" too.

Do you ever wonder what these hearts represent to the women who are wearing them?

Traditionally known as a symbol of  love and affection, gifts of heart jewelry are often given to women to celebrate Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, graduations and many more special occasions.

Brides often wear heart jewelry on their wedding day.

When you spot a women wearing heart jewelry you may believe that she is romantically involved; however,  is that really what's going on?

Though traditionally known as a symbol of romantic love, this symbol of love may also represent the love of life or the love of God.

If a woman purchases heart jewelry for herself it may represent the feelings of love she has in her heart or a sense of gratitude.

Whether heart earrings are a gift to a woman or a women's self purchase, as you pass her on the sidewalk or encounter her serendipitously you may ask yourself "What secrets do those heart earrings hold?"  Thoughtfully delivered this question could be a good conversation starter.   Her answer may prove to be very interesting.

Time will tell.

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