Loving Heart #Covid2WeekChallenge

Combat social isolation! Take the Loving Heart #Covid2WeekChallenge!

With the disruption and isolation imposed on our lives by the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been given a unique opportunity and an unexpected gift - the gift of time to reflect and discern what’s important to us.

Take the challenge to intentionally brighten someone's day for the next two weeks. Jean Cotten Schnaak, designer of The Loving Heart Collection believes this challenge will make your days brighter too. 

Aloha.   I’m Jean Schnaak – designer of The Loving Heart Collection.

Over the past 25 years, I've had the privilege of helping people express their love to others.  
With the disruption and isolation imposed on our lives by the coronavirus, we’ve been given an unexpected gift - the gift of time to discern what’s important. I like to think that it's our relationship with others.
Soon our lives will reset at a new norm, complete with fun gatherings and celebrations. Until then I’d like to present you with a worthy challenge - the Loving Heart #Covid2WeekChallenge.   For two weeks, reach out to one person each day with a thoughtful intention.
Consider friends or relatives that due to time contraints or distance you rarely speak with. Think back to the people who have influenced your life or touched your heart in a meaningful way; as well as colleagues you may have lost touch with through the years.
There are lots of ways to brighten someone's day.
You might start with a phone call or send an invitation to meet through Zoom or FaceTime.  Ask about their life and family, and how they are managing during this uncertain time.
You could choose to send a note letting someone know of the positive impact they have had on your life or simply what they mean to you.
You could choose to connect through social media with a post or private message that simply says “I’m Thinking of You”.
Who knows, you may find that there is no time like the present to write a letter to an old friend or to a grandchild.
However you choose to express your love - it WILL be perfect.
I hope you will join me in the Loving Heart #Covid2WeekChallenge.
Over the next two weeks start your day by asking - “How will I express my love TODAY?”
If you would like to SHARE the Loving Heart #Covid2WeekChallenge with others, please do.
Your experience during this challenge may be an inspiration to others. The comment section below is available for your post.   You may also contact me directly through my website LovingHeartCollection.com.
Brighten someone’s day and I believe yours will be brighter too. 
Aloha and be well. - Jean Schnaak RN 
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