Love Letters - are they a thing of the past?

Do love letters have any relevance these days? Have they gone out of style - kicked to the curb in lieu of quick public declarations on social media?   Really - is anyone using pen and paper to convey love these days?

Have we become reliant on greeting cards to do the heavy lifting of composing a thoughtful message?  Hallmark being the "gold standard"... simply select a card, sign it, send it.  

Greeting cards ARE a thoughtful gesture and definitely help us celebrate special occasions, send get well wishes and sympathy; however, when it comes to expressing love, like artificial sweeteners, they are not nearly as satisfying as the real deal, a love letter.

What would prompt anyone to put their true feelings into words? To be that vulnerable?  With paper and pen no less!  The answer is PASSION - PASSION THAT GRABS YOU BY THROAT, TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY AND CAUSES YOUR HEART TO BEAT LOUDLY.  You can't miss it when it happens to you. Right? PASSION INSPIRES.

The Valentine by George Wayne Lundeen, Carmel, CA

Have lives been forever changed by a love letter?  Perhaps.

If love letters have gone out of style, maybe it's time they re-emerge.  I hope so.   

As for me, there was this "one guy" back in 1983 that expressed his feelings concerning me with pen and paper.  I married that man. After more than thirty-seven years,  I still treasure THAT LOVE LETTER and THAT GUY. 

I'm sure HIS love letter is one of the reasons each of my jewelry designs is accompanied by a personal note -  a mini love letter.  

Whether it's Valentines Day or anytime you feel inspired by love or want to re-ignite the passion.... consider putting down your phone and picking up a pen.  The words will come to you.

 - Jean

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