Love Letters - are they a thing of the past?

Do love letters have any relevance these days?  Or have they gone out of style; kicked to the curb in lieu of quick public declarations on social media?   Really - is anyone using pen and paper to convey love to another in 2020?

It's likely, society has become reliant on greeting cards, electronic or paper, to do the heavy lifting of composing a thoughtful message; obligating the giver to simply sign the card.  Greeting cards require minimal effort and are a thoughtful gesture for sure; however, like artificial sweeteners, they are not nearly as satisfying as the real deal.

What would prompt anyone to put their true feelings into words? To be that vulnerable?  With ink and paper no less!  The answer is passion - passion that grabs you by the throat, takes your breath away and causes your heart to beat loudly. It's recognizable when it happens to you. Right?

The Valentine  by George Wayne Lundeen, Carmel, CA

These days love letters rarely come up in conversation, with the exception of the occasional bride and groom exchanging love letters on the day of their wedding.  I wonder.  When their love was new, was a love letter written as both declaration and persuasion, aimed at the heart of their lover? Were lives forever changed by a love letter?  Perhaps.

So, I'm curious. Are love letters a thing of the past and if they are, is there reason enough to bring them back?

If a love letter has impacted your life, it may help someone to know your story.  In the comment section below, you're invited to share your story.  After a short delay, your story will appear as a comment. 

If love letters have gone out of style, maybe it's time they re-emerge as part of declaring love for another in 2020.  I hope so.   

As for me,  I don't know anyone whose handwritten a love letter in a very long time, but there was this one guy back in 1983 that expressed his feelings concerning me with pen and paper.  I married that man. After more than thirty-six years,  I still treasure the love letter and the man. 

My jewelry designs are like love notes... unique gifts of fine jewelry accompanied by a thoughtful sentiment.  When you can't be with the one you love, a tiny symbol of your love can be. Express your love today.

From the heart - Jean

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