Make her fall in love with you all over again - no mistletoe required!

 At a loss for words?

When it comes to talking about feelings, we all know it can be hard to put emotions into words. When it's with a person you hold near your heart, it can be even harder, and even scary to think about. Part of the problem might even be that there don't seem to be words to convey how and what you feel.

Do you remember the first time you told someone that you loved them? Not just a family or a friend, but a woman whom you truly felt passion and excitement toward? Even though the novelty of that feeling can't be replaced, the emotion remains.  Just because you say "I love you" once doesn't mean you stop. In fact, you probably find that you say it more and more the longer, and more intimately you grow to know your partner.

Fathers, the same can be said for the first moment you saw your daughter and held her for the first time. In that moment, you probably thought you could never love something as much as you loved her. As you watched you little girl grow up, develop a personality that is all her own and become an amazing human being, your love and admiration for her grew.

When words seem to fail, the Loving Heart Collection speaks for you. The beautiful, uniquely designed jewelry are ideal for any woman, with a variety of options from pins, to necklaces to earrings. These simple heart-shaped treasures are more than just a sparkly trinket; they symbolize your love and convey your feelings to the special woman in your life - everyday.

While a heart is a reminder of love, it also signifies that a woman is a precious gift in your life. During the holidays, you might find yourself getting caught under the mistletoe, or on a carriage ride for two, sharing a special moment you'll always remember. Loving Heart necklaces or earrings are Christmas gifts that will last a lifetime and will bring your sweetheart back to the nostalgia and joy of your first Christmas together. It will remind her of what it felt like to first fall in love and spend your first holiday season together.

Best of all, your sweetheart will love the way you whisper "I love you" in your own special way.  Choose one of my verses or create your own verse card to accompany the gift you select from The Loving Heart Collection of fine heart jewelry.

This holiday season, give her a gift that she will never forget, and one that will always remind her of your love for her. As for kissing under the mistletoe, it's not required but WHY would you EVER pass up the opportunity for a "just because I can" kiss!  It's sure to sweep her off her feet - again!

From the heart - Jean

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