In Bed, Fortune Cookies and Marriage

So a funny thing happened last Sunday.

My husband and I stopped for a bite to eat at a tiny Chinese restaurant.   Our lunch was delicious.  With happy bellies we broke apart our fortunate cookies.

It's been our tradition to complete the fortune with the phrase "in bed".  It adds a bit of humor and intrigue to the meal and perhaps some intention to the rest of the day.  Though we're celebrating our "thirty-fifth" year of marriage, we continue to enjoy the added spark these "cookie fortunes" bring to our relationship.  This past Sunday did not disappoint. ;)



After a few askance glimpses and grins, it occurred to me to try another slant on the game....   "in church" or "at work" or any place life happens. Try it next time... the conversation that follows may be just as rewarding.  

From the heart - Jean

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