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Celebrating this country and its independence makes me feel so patriotic. I recently visited Washington D.C., and it gave me a deeper perspective of all that this country means. The history and the politics were right before my own eyes as I navigated between the different monuments and memorials. So many people have helped to make this country great. Despite whatever shortcomings it may have, I feel fortunate to live in the United States. Seeing all of the memorials and government buildings serves as a reminder of how many talented, intelligent and wise leaders have shaped this country, including our military. 

I have such a high regard for our military and military families. The sacrifices they have made through time away from loved ones with such a strong devotion to our country is phenomenal. While I have friends and family who have served, only those who have experienced it firsthand can truly understand the strength and loyalty required of military.

To honor the military that has served and given their lives for this country, I visited the Arlington National Cemetery while in D.C. My younger sister came with me as we went to the tomb of the unknown soldier and watched with awe at the changing of the guard. The precision of the guards as they transitioned from one to another was inspiring. You could sense how serious they regarded their post. As we left, my sister asked about its significance, and I replied that the guards were protecting the honor of those who protected this country.

At almost every site we visited, my sister made sure to check the gift shop for something to take home as a reminder of her trip. She collects meaningful key chains, while I tend to choose a magnet for the fridge. Every day I get to see a small representation of my trip and think back to the experiences I had and the memories that were made. It is a token of my time that signifies so much more. Sometimes a symbol or token can convey a greater meaning and can make an impact, especially when it comes to love and memories.

For those with loved ones away and in the military, we know it is important to express your love, even from afar. You have sacrificed the hug at the end of the day, a kiss in the morning and exchanging “I love you’s” all throughout the day when away protecting this country. As a spouse, parent, sibling, significant other, child or friend, giving gifts to military who are currently away serving make them feel loved, even from a distance. Gifts such as the Loving Heart Pin can be worn discreetly inside a jacket or pinned to a tie. The Loving Heart Pins for Two allow you to both share matching tokens of your love to be worn at all times when you are apart. The Pocket Heart is another way to remind him or her that your love is near at all times when they carry it with them. We can ship gifts internationally if needed, and you can choose a verse card to accompany your gift or personalize it with your own message of love.

The Loving Heart Collection has helped so many military families express their love to each other.   Look for them in the military testimonials. We would love to hear about your loved one in the military and your love story. Feel free to send your stories by emailing Jean, the designer. 


Loving Heart Contributing Writer - Samantha Gratton lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and loves sharing life stories, traveling and eating a daily dose of chocolate. She is a writer, thinker and dreamer, and her heart belongs to her husband, Scott. 

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