Love Notes from Lake Como

I can't believe we are here!  Varenna, Italy - it's all I dreamed it would be.
Lakeside cafe in Varenna, Italy
What am I doing while visiting Lake Como?  Mastering the art of doing nothing except soaking up all things ITALIAN!
What's to love about Lake Como? OMGosh, just about everything! The delightful food, delicious wine (particularly the Chianti and Amarone) and the people (some alone, some in groups) lingering in lakeside cafes under colorful umbrellas as though they had no where else to be.  As if that wasn't enough, there is the allure of Lake Como with its crystal-blue waters reflecting an ever-changing sky surrounded by blue mountains.  It reminds me of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains in my home state - North Carolina.  
We have learned traveling by Italian Rail... after the first time, it's easy-peasy!  Don't worry, you'll catch on quickly; just pack light and be nimble!


We love settling in at Villa Gina - an absolutely wonderful experience! We have the Villa all to ourselves - like a home away from home but a MUCH better view!
The view from our bedroom in Villa Gina - it's extraordinary!
The tomatoes seem richer, the bread crustier, the olive oil more peppery and the wine - deeply satisfying! 

We feasted at dinner on Hotel Albergo Milano's rooftop restaurant with flash-lightning silhouettes and thunder echoing over the distant mountains.
Varenna, Italy - iconically Italian!
This is the view from my front porch at Villa Gina!
A lovely stroll through the Il Giardina Botanico at Hotel Villa Cipressi
Taking a load off my feet and breathing in Lake Como.
 Taking the time to slow down, say a prayer of gratitude and witness the beauty of our world.   
We traveled by ferry to the town of Bellagio - the belle of Lake Como!

An always to be remembered lunch at La Goletta poolside at Bellagio's Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni. Bellisimo!






A lakeside afternoon soaking up la dolce vita - the sweet life!


In Varenna and in Villa Gina - I found much joy.  You'll always hold a special place in my heart.

Arrivederci Italy!

Next stop .... Zermatt, Switzerland!



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