Another anniversary? Count your blessings.

When it come to anniversaries, I like what Samantha Gratton, a contributing writer for Loving Heart once wrote:  "I rarely think about all that an anniversary really means. It symbolizes another year, of course. It also serves as a reminder for all of the time you have shared. An anniversary shows how far you’ve come, the milestones you’ve encountered and the trials you’ve overcome together."  

I would add, whether you spend time on your anniversary enjoying a candlelight dinner,  a stroll through the park or neighborhood, an anniversary is also an opportunity to share with your mate the joy they've brought you through the years.  

Seventy-eight years ago on September 13 my parents promised to be there for one another. I and my brothers' own existence came from the promises Melvin and Josephine made to each other on their wedding day.  Their anniversary and love continue today...  

If you are lucky enough to be in a lasting, loving marriage, have you counted your blessings for that relationship lately? 

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